Disconnected Podcast 027: Pharao Black Magic

Pharao Black Magic

Summer sun from Switzerland with the Pharao Black Magic boys

Hi there chaps, brilliant mix, its been on repeat in the office since you sent it over… can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Chris, thank you! I am Nicolas of Pharao Black Magic, I’m from Switzerland, and I enjoy warm weather, cold drinks and smooth tracks. The other half of PBM is Konrad Sigl, who is most probably floating in a pool right now, sipping on some G&T’s.

Are, lovely, so how’s the summer in Switzerland?

Well, summer has been medium-OK here, a lot of temperature changes. But right now it is brilliant – we have been hit by quite a heatwave, so the past days were all about poolside Singhas and getting tan lines.

Sounds balearic! How did you get into music?

I played the flute when I was a little kid. Konrad used to play the reed organ.

Cool, can you tell us about the process of playing flute and reed organ to coming together to make electronic music?

Fortunately, we never played our instruments together as kids… For me, the focus on production came naturally as a consequence of playing electronic music at parties.

Pharao Black Magic – Mambo Marimba by pharaoblackmagic

So, you’ve done a remix for the Coyote boys at Is it Balearic… and the release with Nang, what else have you got out at the moment?

Like you just said, the first ever PBM EP just came out on Nang Records. It’s called “Heliopolis EP”, it features two originals – “The Eye of Horus” and “Mambo Marimba”. It also has two killer remixes by Coyote from Is it Balearic and Brioski, an Italian guy hailing from Milan. The next PBM remix that’s coming out is for Edwin van Cleef on Schmooze records. It’s gonna be quite a stomper with a lot of reverbed claps.

Wicked, we’ll be looking out for that, everyone loves some verby claps. Can you tell us about the mix?

I’ve tried to add a broad spectrum of sounds that I like to listen to and to play out at parties. There’s a few older tracks in there, like the opener by Alumnia on Claremont 56. That album has been one of my absolute favorites this year. I should also mention the Slow Hands Remix of the upcoming Runaway Track called “Indoor Pool” – in my opinion it’s absolutely amazing. Other than that, there’s some stuff from Hands Of Time, a new total bomb Tirk single by Marten Sorensen and a few other goodies – e.g. the completely sick remix of Generatto of Lou Teti (who has also just done a mix for your website, as I have just noticed?).

Yeah the man Lou Teti is doing some cool stuff, and what’s next for you, what have you got lined up for the end of the year?

There’s a few remixes coming out for the guys over at Schmooze and Big Dog – releases by Edwin van Cleef (as mentioned above), Popular Computer and Walter Sobcek. Remixing has just started on the next PBM single called “Amulet”, this one should be out later on this year on Is It Balearic? Records. It’s very different from what has been released by PBM so far. I can already say that the vocals are by Peter Coyle, who scored a top 20 hit in the UK with his band “The Lotus Eaters” in the 80ies… Other than that, we’re also working on a track that should hopefully come out on the super-smooth Tusk Records – I’m sure you’re familiar with that one?
And then there a few originals in the pipeline – we’re planning to get those done by the end of September. Two tracks should make it on the next EP, more details on that should be following pretty soon.

Cool, thanks again for the mix, and cheers for the chat…


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