Disconnected Podcast 033: Plimsoll Records

Plimsoll Records - Disconnected Podcast 033

Supine from Purple Radio took some time out with Mat and James from Plimsoll Records.

Tell me about Plimsoll, how did it start?

(Mat Hoods aka The Automats) It all started through a chance meeting on a popular Belgian jazz forum Shoes edit of Al Green’s ‘Love and Happiness’ had recently been released and I loved it, we got talking and James sent us a mix for the website I was involved with at the time. Things moved on from there really, I’d sent over a couple of Patrick Adams tracks that the Automats had sampled with the prospect of doing a Shoes of Patrick release. When that idea was shelved I cheekily suggested we do a side project label and call it Plimsoll and well, here we are today. Bad puns FTW!

(James aka Earwig) Yeah, When Mat sent over the two Automats tracks, I really dug them even though they didn’t fit into what the Shoes edits vibe was at the time. Around the same time another friend was starting up his Space Ranger project (now signed to Love Monk) and had some edits they wanted to put out. So it just seemed like the right time to launch another label.

Who is involved?

(James) Myself, Mat, and all art, including are beautiful logo, is done by James Mayall at http://drjimble.tamesisdigital.com/

Flo and Rino of Space Ranger have been very helpful, giving two of our best selling releases and collaborating on the Kompleks EP.

Which artists / edits have you released so far?

We’ve put out these releases on vinyl:
001 – The Automats – Guardian Angel w/ remixes from Diesler & Shoescrew
002 – Space Ranger – Keep on movin/Love don’t come easy
003 – Sy & El – Crawfish/Camina Como comico
004 – Onur Engin – Origins ep
005 – Space Ranger – Chocolate Bar ep
006 – The Automats – Pass me by w/ remixes from Tal M. Klein, Earwig & Del Gazeebo vs Omeron
007 – The Kompleks Edits ep

001 – MJ RIP – w/ edits from Onur Engin & Space Ranger

Do you guys DJ at all? If yes, tell us about it.

(Mat) As and when required but no where near as ofter as I should! I’ll soon be starting up a lovely Sunday session at Jam Street Café in Manchester. That should be from November onwards. I also have a weekly radio show on Purple Radio every Friday night between 8 – 10pm. Tune in herewww.purple-radio.co.uk

(James) Not playing out anywhere currently. I’ve been enjoying the control of making mixes with Ableton Live. Creating more like edit suites, with production elements. Check out the Soundcloud or Mixcloud links.

Future releases? Anything you can tell us about?

(James) We have two 12″s coming out late ’11 early ’12. One a disco edit EP lead off by an edit of Phillip Wright “Keep Her Happy” by a legendary radio host and dj who is going by the moniker MR. It also features firey (if I do say so myself) remixes by Earwig (that’s me) and Happy Finnish (that’s Matt collaborating with Del Gazeebo). Also a EP of really nice salsa and latin remixes by an up and coming Orlando producer Stereo 77 with a great future tropical vibe.
There is also a new Shoes release in the pipeline in the vein of my “Afro-Perculator” release; afro-beats mashed up with other unexpected tracks. It’s called the Warp Afro-beat Remix Project… Keep your ears open.

(Mat) Having heard a few of the warp afro beat tracks I can say they are indeed awesome. I’m currently working on new Automats material that should be quite interesting, having actually managed to make two tracks all by ourselves with no samples involved whatsoever. There are new edits on the way too…

(James) Very excited for that!

(Mat) You know us better than that James, lets pen them in for a 2018 release date

Do you do English festivals? Where do you party?

(Mat) I’ve done most of the big UK festivals but the older I get the more I prefer smaller boutique festivals. Less headline acts and more chance of discovering something new. Last festival I was at, I was more interested in the food than the main stage

(James) Not so much, as I live in South Florida. Though it would be fun to come over someday!

(Mat) Dude, your more than welcome anytime. Bring duty free it’s going to be a long weekend

Dogs or cats?

(Mat) Asked me a couple of years ago and I’d have said cats, but since returning from a gig in Cardiff one weekend and found a my girlfriend had rescued a dog I’ve totally changed my mind. Dogs every time. Apart from when they wander into your studio to demand to be taken for a walk when you are in the middle of doing a remix.

(James) That’s funny, I was a totally cat person until I meet my wife and her dog. Now we have two dogs (and two kids!) and I’ve become a big dog fan… Though I still have a place in my heart for cats.

Tell us a random fact…

(Mat) Your thumb is the same length as your nose.

(James) Eka Pada Raja Kapota means One Legged King Pigeon in Sanskrit.

For more inormation about Plimsoll Records, check out some of these links:


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