Disconnected Podcast 030: Ejeca

EJECA - Disconected Podcast 030
Despite a busy release schedule, EJECA finds time to talk spreadsheets, RPI and margins…

Alright Garry, how’s tricks?

Howdy. Sitting with a mild lager and partially melted Chinese tray, all a man could ask for.

Tasty stuff, can you tell us about yourself away from music?

I would love to sound all abstract & mysterious here but I do finance 9 – 5. Excel Spreadsheets, RPI, Margin yada yada.

Bar that I love getting blitzed at the weekends with my sauce hounds (drinking partners).

We all seem to be at the age where italo, new wave cinema and midnight multi-match football bets are acceptable entertainment.

I can’t think of anything more abstract than Excel! We first came across you when Chamboche sent me you tracks that were posted on the bicep blog, how did that come about?

To be honest anything that has happened since then is because of the Bicep Blog, nothing much before.

I’ve made music since I’ve been 11, on one of the first Fruity Loops programs.

I can remember two of the first tracks I made were euphoric trance anthems (in my head). One called ‘Orgasma’, which sampled a 7 minute Jenna Jameson orgasim with a 909 beat, the breakdown being… well you know (snare roll included).

‘Armacado’ sampled the Spanish commentary of an old soccer manager game that is all the description it deserves.

Back to the Bicep blog, big thanks to Matt & Andy. Met Matt in Uni when he was there with one of my best mates from school, one of the first times was at his desktop with a demo of Ableton, which meant he couldn’t turn the PC off or he’d lose the track (which was then released), even then his stuff was sonically glorious.

The Blog is great and get’s so much respect… cheers guys! Hopefully a new post will be up on me in the near future with my newer stuff. There should be a collab with them too out in the new year, a bit different from what we normally do but sure isn’t that swell.

Cool, we’ll be looking out for that. So you’ve got a few release coming up, can you give us a run through of what we should be looking out for?

I’m new to all of this so a lot of the tracks have been made for a while and I’ve managed to get them out.

Tetra is now sold out on Tusk Wax One. Loved everything about how this came about and the other tracks on it, including Chamboche, who I’ll be releasing Descend (3rd track from the end on the mix) on Bricolage, in the new year. I’m also putting together an EJECA EP on Tusk with which will be out late this year or early next.

I’ve some more tracks out on HellZone Records on Beatport now, Make Out / Love Daze and remix of a Julio Peris track called Don’t Leave. Touch You & Marcelus is available November 14th. Was I Here should be out 24th November 2011 on a Skycreaker sampler. The Way I Feel, In Deep With You & Valleys are on a EP with Redux Underground in December.

Also I’m playing at a Tusk party in Nottingham Sat November 19th. If anyone else likes the way I slam tracks together grab me through Soundcloud. I’ll get some regular mixs going too….

Cool stuff my man, especially looking forward to the Tusk EP (#vestedinterest;) what music are you feeling at the minute?

There’s amazing stuff about now, in all genres.

Suzanne Kraft, Casual Encounters, Julio Bashmore, SYNKRO, BOP, Consequence, ASC, Burial and your boy Chocky all have a great outlook on music.

Always like back tracking through older stuff and light the candle from both ends as it where, so I’ve been getting into old M83, Four Tet, Sigur Ros, Brian Eno… anything with a good soundscape has always grabbed my ear.

Also the Jurrasic Park theme tune slowed 1000%, it truly is remarkable if you’ve an hour to spare, some of the comments are a laugh.

Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower) by birdfeeder

Cool, so, tell us about the mix…

Tried not to think about it too much and get what I’ve liked recently into an hour, a couple of my tracks in there too and a bit of a classic to finish.

A lot of vocal used, something that I’ve embraced in my newer productions and reflected in my mix.

Thanks man.. it’s a great mix.

If you’d like to find out more then make sure you check Ejeca’s Soudcloud

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  1. andy cole says:

    wow, what a mix!
    traklisting please my friends!

    i’d say thats the only bad point of these podcasts, you should feature the tracklisting too
    big trax! (maybe i’m blind, you probably do)

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