Disconnected Podcast 031: Franz Underwear

Franz Underwear Disconnected Podcast 031

Franz Underwear.. the Italian, now living in Berlin takes over the controls and lets us know about a few realeases that are soon to hit the shelves.

Hows it going Franz?

I’m fine, thanks.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My DJ career started in 2005 when I started to organise the first Slow Motion parties in Italy. Our parties got bigger and bigger and in 2008, when I finished my university studies, I moved to Berlin with my German lady. Since I arrived in Berlin I started to learn how to produce music and throw Slow Motion parties all around.

How did you get in to music?

I started in my teens playing guitar in a rock/noise band. My first music idols where Sonic Youth and Ministry.

We first came across you with you release on Andy Blake’s new label, how did that come about, and are you planning to release any more stuff with him?

I first met Andy a couple of years ago when we played together in a after hour party in Berlin. I totally like the genuine and personal approach that he used on Dissident and when I made Grauzone I just sent it to him to know what he thinks about the track. He was going to start his new label and my track just fitted perfectly for his new project.
Andy already has another track of mine that will be released on World Unknown next year.

I keep seeing you name on some posters for what look like real cool parties in Italy, are you involved in them as more than a DJ? Also, what’s the scene like over there?

Well, fortunately we try to keep it real. As Slow Motion, we directly organise a weekly club night in Tipografia Club and also thanks to Slow Motion Records we are in touch with all the greatest producers and DJs all around Italy.

In Italy the club scene is just about 5-10 year back in the past but unfortunately not there’s no much space for good DJs and sadly, the minimal techno DJ/producer Regis. There are, of course, some great club nights all around the main cities, but special events or one night offs cannot generate a real following and a buzz. In Abruzzo, where I come from, things have changed. Like I said, we have been organising parties in Pescara since 2005, we have great following that was grown with us and really trust us, and a lot of people say that this may be the only alternative indie/dance movement in Italy.

What have you got lined up in the next few months, in terms of releases and parties?

As Franz Underwear, my forthcoming release will be in December on Tusk Wax (have you heard about them?) and next year there will be a new track out on World Unknown, Italo Deviance and Slow Motion. I´m also working on a new side project called Studio Luce. Our first track will be released on Slow Motion soon and we have an EP coming out next year on the new Berliner label Cocktail d´Amore. On Slow Motion we will have our first label compilation out in December, which is going to represent the new Italian dance wave.

Can you tell us about the mix?

For me dj’ing is like showing others my music references and inspiration. Also when I dj in a club I try to give different atmospheres and music styles and let the audience feel the line between the old school production and the modern one. I love when people can’t tag music in a certain style.

Is there anything in particular we should listen out for?

Golden Hands LP by Clap Rules, this album represents our Italian music scene.

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