Disconnected Podcast 032: Philipp Demankowski (Uncanny Valley)

Uncanny Valley Disconnected Podcast 032

Uncanny Valley sits down for a chat and provides us with an atmospheric mix which represents his take on dubstep and future bass.

Thanks for the mix, we’ve been loving it over at DSCNTD HQ, can you introduce yourself for our readers?

Of course.. I’m from the beautiful city of Dresden. I’ve been throwing parties together with Conrad Kaden and our graphics genius Lars Lämmerzahl as The Moroders for quite a while. We’ve been running this night “Cosmic Dancer” at Altes Wettbüro for five years. We thought, this could be a good opportunity to invite our favourite DJs in a intimate venue, and djing alongside them. We had great times back then, dancing to Todd Terje, Tim Sweeney, Runaway, Tensnake or Mr Raoul K to name just a few. It’s been a great time but at some point we had to stop it because Uncanny Valley took too much time.

DJ-wise, as you’ve maybe noticed from our guests and from our name, The Moroders were associated a lot with Disco, Italo and all kinds of Boogie Music. And indeed, that’s what we were playing most in the beginning. Later we became more and more enthused by House and Techno. Lately, we decided to focus on playing under our real names. So maybe that’s a little turning point in my DJ-attitude. I’m a lot into that music they call Future Bass. But I still love it to play a diverse set from Disco to Techno. Check our mixes at themoroders.com to get an impression.

Besides that I’m the press guy at Uncanny Valley, hosting a little radio show called “Cosmic Listener” (and soon “UV Funk”, little name switch here) and taking small steps into producing.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself away from music?

Well, I love my family, good friends, movies and books. I’m writing a lot, for a newspaper, for Uncanny Valley, at my job or to remind myself of things. And I really love to go on vacation.

So how did you get into running the label?

That was almost two years ago, when we had the idea to create a platform for our talented friends. It was pretty much by necessity. Since then, Conrad, Albrecht (Wassersleben) and Carl (-Johannes Schulze) have been doing a great job to establish the label. It is hard work, but we’re pretty happy that things are working so well and all those great artists from Dresden get a little bit more attention.

You have a really diverse set of sounds in your releases, if thats something that you have always aimed for?

This is also almost by necessity. I personally don’t understand why a label is releasing only one style of music. There is so much exciting music around. I don’t see any logical argument for limiting to one certain sound. We all love sophisticated House as much as banging Techno. As always, there is good and bad music in both.

Have you got any Uncanny Valley parties coming up?

Yeah, on 10th December, we have our fourth huge two-floors-party at Sektor Evolution, Dresden’s best Techno-club. We’re doing this together with our friends from Sub Sickness. They are taking care of all the Dubstep-Heads in Dresden and we’re hosting the House-and-Techno-floor. Serge from Clone will be playing alongside the lovely C-Beams-project and some resident-DJs.
Apart from that there are parties with Uncanny Valley-artists around the globe.

What have you got lined up in terms of the next few releases?

The handstamped UV Limited 01 is just out. We did it for the Record Store Day in Berlin and it’s the return to the compilation-concept as it features four artists from Dresden. For the next artist-EP we have Cuthead making you dance. The record is called “Brother EP” and will be out on December 2nd. We have artists Eps by Break SL and Credit 00 lined up and we’re working on more Various Artist Eps at the time of speaking.

Can you tell us about the mix?

This is pretty much my take on Dubstep or Future Bass. I’m not so much into all the wobble-Dubstep but there’s so much good stuff in the Post-Dubstep-vein that was coming out in the last three years. Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but this is the music which appears to me in any sort of innovative. And as I had the opportunity of djing at some Dubstep-nights lately, I recognized that it’s also a lot of fun playing such records. As with my mixes, I love to create an atmospheric mood in the beginning and try not to forget that electronic music is a lot about dancing. And I think that having a track in the mix which makes you laugh isn’t a bad thing.

For more information check out uncannyvalley.de

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