Disconnected Podcast 034: SPDSC

Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club

Saint Petersburg Disco Spinning Club talk to us about stuff and drop us off a fine mix.

So the Saint Petersburg Disco Spinning Club… Tell us about yourself, where are you from? Who are you?

Okay, my name is Kirill, I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’m 26 years old. Living on the 14th floor in Kupchino district which is bit criminal you know, but I like it and feeling free here because I’ve been here since childhood. Dunno what to say more ’bout myself, I think I’m a pretty ordinary guy.

We love your production name… how did that come about?

Well this was a funny story, I was playing in jazz-rock-fusion band for around six or seven years, and during recording last album (before split) I was so tired of huge arrangements so I decided to do some stuff using only my mpc1000, I wrote ‘love spin’ and ‘marwencol’ as demos then. By chance my friend Sasha Kojevin asked me to come to see his studio, i decided to take mpc for fun and we recorded this tracks on tape. He said to name the folder and sign the tape, donno why, but i wrote: ‘the saint petersburg disco spinning club’. Next time I decided to short spinning word to make it ‘spin’.

What’s your background in music?

At four my parents gave me to piano courses where i was studying till 11, but i was not happy with that, mostly i was into car toys and etc. But two years later I was involved to punk-hardcore-noise scene which my main influence I think, after Pixies, Blag Flag, Sonic Youth, Tad, Melvins bands i started to play guitar and made my first band. I worked at rock clubs as artistic director and played around seven years in jazz-rock-fusion band with 8 members. I never was into house music and had no idea about it, now I’m doing house by chance and really impressed by this all, main fun that I have no idea in house trends so everything I’m doing is really fun for me, like when people saying: “oh, it is sounds like motorbass”… you know, I never heard “motorbass”!

Cool stuff, can you pinpoint anything that you think is ‘your sound’?

This is mixture of emotions, I’m just sitting infront my laptop or knocking on my mpc, sampling some music. Dunno. this is house of course, but for me, with rock back ground flavour

What do you have in store for the next six months?

New Moscow label “What’s in the box” will release first single to them with my collaboration with Eleonora called “Divine”, including remixes from Vincenzo, Mario Basanov, Ponty Mython, 7he Myriads and Krjuk. Then Lovebirds & Vincenzo label “Teardrop” will release my with Lipelis single “I Need It”, including Lovebirds, Leaves & Iron Curtis, Rocco Raimundo, Vougal, Arsenii remixes. Sleazy McQueen’s Whiskey Disco will release 4 tracks EP this April. In May/Juno Gazeebo releasing my “Driving” single with remixes. DBH music Germany releasing three tracks EP in June with “Balduin Baas as Conductor” which got really huge feedback right now, including respect from Jimpster, Move D, El Harvo Futureboogie and Jay Shepheard.

Busy busy! Ok, so tell us about the mix, what should we be looking out for?

This is several tracks that I mostly playing now at my sets, including great Ponty Mython remix for “I Need to Have You Next to Me”, Arsenii’s remix for “I Need It” and unsigned “Paris Texas Real Estate”

Cool thanks for the chat


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