Disconnected Podcast 026: Luv*Jam

Luv*Jam Disconnected Podcast 026

Counting crows, Deep melodies and acid squelch… Luv*Jam brings the heat and tell us about himself in the latest DSCNTD podcast

Hi there Andy, love the mix, really nice track selection. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thank you kindly, thank you for your invitation. The mix selection was more of a ‘heads down mix’. I wanted to play directed straight at the dance floor! My mix sessions tend to be slower building, but i really wanted to go straight in there on this one! It came off the back of several club and festival sets and the tracks that I knew worked well!

I produce under the Luv*Jam moniker, which stemmed from our parties of the same name in Wrexham North Wales. A crazy little night we ran for 8 years in some unusual surroundings such as concrete bunkers, berlin river spree, forests, mountains and our second home Central Station. The name still exists for us to produce our music and run the occasional party. Check our 11.11.11 event.

Luv*Jam – Black Panther – We Play House Recordings WPH009 by LUV*JAM

Looks like a big old party… How did you get into music?

Like everybody, through their mums and dads. Then finding my own routes. I was a hip hop, hip house, acid house kinda kid trying to find my own little things from local sources and trips to manchester, liverpool and cities close to home. I became a Fast Eddie freak but still loved poppy influences such as Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran and very often drop the odd 80’s track like those into my sets. Very much inspired by the early dance music graphics I became a swat on all things house like Rhythm King, Trax, Def Jam and so on. I learnt to mix the hard way on my dads old record player and my crappy hi-fi no mixer, no headphones, just jamming. When my mixer and decks arrived it all seemed pretty easy! I am now what some might call a MIXING MACHINE!

Mixing machine, love it! We’ve got your Phonica White release, but what else have you got out at the moment?

I think Luv*Jam was the first UK artist to have a full EP out on Belgium’s WE PLAY HOUSE on WPH009 and likewise with their sister label LANY RECORDINGS, forged through an online chit chatter with RED D. There is a LANY EP out now LANY 02-11 and very very soon WE PLAY HOUSE white vinyl with a track called “DEWI”. Soon there will be a MILLIONS OF MOMENTS EP for the super deep heads and some nice housey releases on lovely Brighton label VIBRATIONS with a remix and a full EP. Then there’s a down tempo acid cut “ACID MOUSE” on HOUSEVILLE OF SKYLAX. Plus our very own vinyl project Crow Castle Cuts.

Yeah the new label, can you tell us about that?

That’s the one… CROW CASTLE CUTS! A logical progression from our parties with Daniel & Cristoph, it’s something we always wanted to do and hence we invested in it! Crow Castle is our local fort in nearby Llangollen where we would go as kids to climb and look over the valleys! It has such amazing history and it just sounded good “CROW CASTLE CUTS”. Each release is based on the castles historic moments through time… find out more here

Luv*Jam – Romeo The 1016ft High Fox – CCC1073 by LUV*JAM

What should your subscribers expect from the mix?

Deep melodies, odd sounds, acid squelch and a few bird noises here and there!

Is there anything in particular that we should listen out for?

Without sounding biased i am in love with all of the tracks, hence choosing them, but standouts could be a few of the golden oldies in there like Phresh & Low, PSI Spy and the Heko track for those New Wave Italo influences that I love so much. On the deeper side, the Santiago Salazar is a beauty, as are the Semtek and Brian Cage releases!

And what’s next for you, what have you got lined up for the end of the year?

A few We Love Space gigs, Bestival, Barcelona and possibly Russia and then our big gig with TEVO HOWARD on 11.11.11 of all dates! Productions – all as above to be released shortly and some new prods with CCC out in October/November. Then a new EP we’re working on for WE PLAY HOUSE for 2012 with our vocalist MOLLYKNEW! lookout…

Nice one my man, thanks again for the mix and chat


Luv*Jam Soundcloud
Luv*Jam myspace

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