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In their previous seven releases Wolf Music Recordings have built up a serious following among house and disco heads. We stopped in for a quick chat with their top man…

Wolf 008 has been lighting up dance floors for the last month or so. Promo copies have found their way into the record bags of some of finest Djs around, for one very good reason.

This release is ace!

Instead of doing a review we thought you could listen to them yourselves while reading a few word from Matt Wolf himself. Check it…

How did Wolf come about?

I’d been running labels for a good few years and really started to get excited about the new music I was hearing. I didn’t think the sound I wanted to push fitted any of the labels I was running at the time so I decided to start a new venture. Fortunately, I was working at the Mr Bongo Records offices and I wanted to have a crack at the Atmosphere back catalogue which they had the rights to. So I had a concept in the back of my mind and just wanted someone to work with on the project. I had known my label partner Stu for 5 or 6 years and he was always someone I wanted to collaborate with. His musical taste is very similar to mine, knows the history of the scene inside out, he’s an awesome Dj, and I was confident we would be able to work well together. So I called him up, asked if he fancied running a label with me and then Wolf was born. Incidentally the name Wolf comes from a nickname I drunkenly gave Stu when I first met him at a party. It stuck with him and most people we know have called him Wolfy from that day onwards. The word Wolf was a tie we had, so we used it for the label name.

Cool, i’ll look out for Wolfy…What’s the philosophy behind the label?

Hmm, that’s a tough one to answer as it’s quite an abstract thing to surmise. I guess ultimately our philosophy/approach is to release great records, simple as that. We know what we like and we stick very tightly to our tastes with our method of A&R. We want to be considered as a fucking good house label, and by house I’m talking all elements that make up the house sound as we see it (disco, techno, etc). As long as we are putting out records we would buy personally then we are still on track.

Wolf is a home for our two main artists; Greymatter & KRL, but we always welcome talented producers to join the ranks too. The goal with Wolf is to build the label and Greymatter & KRL simultaneously; it’s a partnership that is working well for all involved so far. We are all very good mates outside of music and there is a really tight pack of people helping to keep Wolf Music pushing things forward. Delighted with how it’s going so far.

Can you tell us a bit about the guys who have on this Wolf 008?

As always the EP features Greymatter & KRL, plus we have two new additions to the pack; Medlar & Chicago Damn. Greymatter & KRL are awesome producers and we love their music, so they appear again. Medlar is the moniker of a producer more akin to releasing beatdown and bass heavy sounds. We came across his track through Greymatter, but I have known the Medlar for a number of years as he’s another of Mr Bongo’s offspring. Chicago Damn is a producer from up north like. Have wanted to work with him ever since I heard his release on Mark E’s label. One day I was browsing Soundcloud and he put up this rough groove; I messaged him within 5 mins of it going up, and it was signed pretty much 10 mins after that; just could tell right way that is was perfect for Wolf. Every time it gets dropped at a party people go nuts, so I know we have another banger in the bank.

We love your videos, who does them?

Videos are all done by Wolfy. He has an archive of vintage footage and knows what suits the music. Got an exciting one coming for Greymatter ‘Tesla’, but can’t say too much about that till it’s released.

Is 009 coming together? Any hints who’s gonna be on it?

009 is underway, can’t decide whether it’s going to be Terrell remixes or a new EP from KRL. Either way it’s primed and will be coming pretty quickly after 008.

Big up man, keep up the good work.

Check out Wolfs blog and keep your self: Paw to the floor!

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