We catch up with Wigflex’s top man, Spamchop

As the crew are supporting our latest parties, Disconnected caught up with Wigflex’s top man, Spamchop to talk about their club nights, record label and developing clothing line.

Easy Lucas, how’s it going?

I’m well mate, thanks.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m 26 years old, I live in Nottingham and my friends say I look like Egon Spengler/Uri Geller/Peter Crouch. I also run the Wigflex Club Night/Record Label/Clothing Line and I’m responsible for all the artwork that goes with it.

We’ve got a few bits to talk about then, lets start with music, who got you into all that stuff?

I used to rob all my older brothers CD’s and can remember being about 10 and listening to his “Friday” soundtrack, there was a remix of ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ on there that I loved apart from this pony sample of a bird tweeting at the start. I complained about it to my older sister who said “You should be a DJ, then you could cut it out” I reckon that’s where it all started. A few years later I started mixing trance, then got into garage in a big way and then hip hop until I started raving, which pulled me toward this techno/bass sort of stuff I’m into nowadays.

You’re not the only one who started out on the trance tip! How and why did Wigflex come about?

I have quite fluffy hair and the guy who taught me to mix had a proper buzzcut so he used to call me “wiggy”. I decided to call the first mix I gave out to people ‘Wigflex 2000’ in his honour. That mix got me a weekly residency at a bar in town, which I called ‘Wigflex Wednesdays’. I was then asked to put a room together for a night at Blueprint which was labelled the Wigflex room and it’s just grown naturally since then really.

Mate that’s ace, you miss Blueprint though?

Hmmm, not sure. I miss having a dirty little den to go to and get twisted in and I really miss Futureproof. Blueprint was never that great though.

The last couple of years and have seen you putting together some huge line-ups, what do you look for when you are programming a party?

I just try to book people I’m into really, there’s no real formula behind it. I just have a list of people I like and try to get them to play.

Graphic design and illustration seems to be a strong theme within your brand, is that something that has always been important?

Every brand needs a strong image as I think it helps you stick out from the others doing something similar and lets people identify you easily. It’s also what I studied and what I do as a day Job, so it’s always been a big part of my life.

Can you tell use about Wigflex clothing?

I’d been getting good feedback about the graphic identity I had created for Wigflex and people wanted my designs on clothes so I gave it them! They sold out pretty quick so I thought it would be daft to not carry on. I’m currently working on the fourth collection of t-shirts, which will be ready for Spring/Summer 2011.

It must be a really cool creative outlet, what’s it like seeing your design on the dance floor at your own night?

Its great! I normally run up to the person wearing it and give them some love, which usually scares them off. I don’t think they realise its my design.

And the label has been going from strength to strength we hear, what was the motivation behind that?

My friends and Wigflex residents were making great music that was sounding like what we wanted the club nights to sound like. I just wanted them to get the exposure they deserved really. Nowadays, Taylor’s releasing on Traum and Hiza’s got Mr Scruff wanting to remix him, I’m proud to be a part of that.

Yeah, really nice stuff, we love it over here. Got a review of Taylor’s (Morris Cowen’s) new gear coming soon. What you got lined up for the next few releases?

To celebrate our fifth release, we are putting out a one sided laser etched Lone 12″ which has been devastating dance floors whenever it gets dropped, it’s a real wonky banger. After that we have a Metaphi EP and then probably an album by Morris Cowan.

Morris Cowan – Afield (CLIP) by morris cowan

Laser etched? What’s that then?

It’s when you have an Image burned into the vinyl by laser (I think).

And parties wise, we’ve seen the line up for 18th March, big! What’s next after that?

Taylor (Morris Cowan, who runs the Manchester events) is just trying to sort a date for our next ‘Mankflex’ and I’m currently talking to a club in London about a flex down there. Our next night in Notts after the 18th is in June.

And you’re gonna come help us celebrate our first release at The Old Post Office in Nottingham on 12th March… What residents you got coming down, and what should we expect to come of the speakers?

That room’s going to be dark and messy with a whole lot of techno and garage oozing out the speakers. Not sure who we have coming down yet, hopefully be the full crew though.

And you personally, what’s in store for Spamchop over the next year?

Loads of drawing and hiding away trying to make tunes in my studio. I might even bring an EP of my own out on Wigflex if I have the balls…

I’Il hold you to that.

Nice one!

To check out Wigflex, click here to visit the website and don’t forget to take a look at their shop!

To thank our readers and Wigflex supporters, we have a Wigflex tee to give away along with free entry to this weekend’s Disconnected event over on our competitions page, take a look.

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  1. Dane says:

    Nice read, he absolutley smashed it on Saturday in that top room!

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