Parties you need to go to: Louche

We asked our Facebook followers to tell us of events that shouldn’t be missed in the UK and overseas. Here’s the second party you need to go to…

Sporting one of the most respected podcast in the county, Louche, brings the very best of house and techno to your itunes and to parties in Leeds and London. When we saw they had booked the UK debut of Visionquest, which comprises Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson & Shaun Reeves, we had to get in touch with them find out what makes them and their party tick. Check out our interview with louche’s Josh Tweek:

Tell us about Louche, how did it all come about?

Josh: Well our first party was a charity event, for the Oxjam music festival, which Brins applied for. It went really well – we were happy with it as were The Mint Club, so a regular monthly night grew from there, which is what we wanted to happen.

What’s the thinking behind your party, I mean, what do you want to achieve?

Josh: To throw a party with good, forward thinking music, whilst having as much fun as possible!

Is there any significance in the name?

Josh: It means ‘shady’, or ‘moral questionable’, which kind of fits, but it’s just a nice word to be honest.

Tell us about your bookings up to now. What style(s) of music are you trying to get out there?

Josh: We’re a house and techno night, so our bookings always fall loosely into those categories, if not pushing the boundaries slightly; Brother’s Vibe who we had in February earlier this year was very housey, and we’ve got some live acts next year who are more electronica.

And future stuff, what direction are you looking to move in?

Josh: To maintain what we have going for us in Leeds, which is amazing at the minute. Our first London party went really well last weekend, so there’ll definitely be more of them too. There’s also been talk of a record label, that’s definitely on the cards.

What’s the venue like?

Josh: Mint’s awesome. I’m biased but it honestly is one of, if not the best small club in the country. The sound, lights, crowds, even the staff are the best in town.

What’s been your favourite party and why?

Josh: Our Wolf + Lamb party in September. Art Department and Le Loup were both amazing, as was Gadi – who started playing hip hop. Never seen Mint go off like it did that night, It was ridiculous. Deniz Kurtel even played an unannounced live set.

If money was no object who would you book?

Josh: We’ve had this chat before! Think mine were The Rolling Stones, Prince and Daft Punk. Not a bad lineup.

This might be a stupid question but, why?

Josh: It would be absolutely fucking awesome!

What’s the scene like in Leeds at the moment?

Josh: Its buzzing. The people – students and non students all love the music and the club scene in general. Maybe its a little over-saturated, lots of new nights keep appearing, but there’s nothing wrong with that really i suppose.

Is there anything/one we should be looking out for in 2011?

Josh: Look out for my production’s under Josh T, I got some biggies coming out! Louche-wise there’ll be more London parties, and we’ve got some exciting Bank Holiday plans for Leeds…

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