Disconnected Podcast 028: Kolour Recordings

Kolour Recordings

Mike from Kolour Recordings drops off a mix and has a bit of a chat about the label

Hi Mike, hows things?

Things are good man – we’re rolling out a nice little gambit of new releases over the coming weeks, the weather has cooled off a bit where I’m at, and football kicks off this weekend so I’m dead stoked about that!

Thanks for the mix, can you tell us a bit about yourself away from music?

Away from the music I’m just your average bloke really. Married with three lovely children ages, 14, 12 and 2-1/2 & their names are Erik, Ethan, and Lilliana. Both my partner Justin and I have full-time jobs & families and Kolour is really just a hobby for us both that allows us to continue to pursue our love for music. I’m also a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan (American football).

And how did you get into electronic music?

Dancing was how I developed my love for the music. In the mid-to-late 90’s myself and three other guys would go to a legendary club here called Rich’s and dance against other crews. That’s actually where I heard house music for the very first time. Masters at Work, David Alvarado, Strictly Rhythm, 187 Lockdown, and Armand van Helden were among the many folks’ whose music was getting the spins week in and week out. Around that time is when I also attended my first rave as well. Raves were actually a huge turning point for me because it took the music I already loved and expounded on it so much more in so many different aspects. The raves grew my love for DJing and DJing turned into running a label.

How did Kolour come about?

Kolour was actually the inception of my partner Justin and his dear friend Kelly. Those two started the label in 2004 and launched the very first release by the legendary Miles Maeda. Almost immediately following that, Kelly had to move across country and make the difficult decision to leave the label behind him. Justin and i actually met through a house music forum when I just randomly PM’d him to give him props on the miles vinyl. It was without a doubt record of the night for me at my gig that night and I just felt as though he should know it. Much to my surprise, Justin’s reply was one that offered up a partnership in running the label with him. How’s that for random? Almost eight years later, we’re still running the label together and are very good friends.

What’s the philosophy behind the label?

Our philosophy has always been about sharing our passion for music music with anyone and everyone that has a passion for it themselves. Justin and I have had a blast putting out music together and it’s been even sweeter to see the way it’s been as widely accepted as it has been. The support has been overwhelming (in a good way of course) and it fuels our desires to try and make everything we put out timeless. We want our music to be something you could come back to in five years and still play.

What’s instore for the next few releases?

Well, our 20th vinyl release on the Kolour “mothership” just dropped today in-fact and is features three brand new cuts by Melbourne’s wildly popular Francis Inferno Orchestra or “FIO”. to follow that we have an EP by The Noodleman which features remixes by longtime friend Eddie C, OOFT!, and Medlar of Wolf Music. for Undertones, our 12th release is scheduled to hit in just a couple weeks and features another Melbourne product in The Tortoise and boasts two remixes by Dutch duo of deepness Genius of Time. Following that release we have a two-tracker from the brilliant Orlando B with a remix by Kez YM. Kolour LTD just had a newie drop last week titled “I Love You But I’ve Chosen Disco” with tunes by Zoo Look, Deadly Sins, The Glue, and 78 Edits. It’s been so well-received that a “part 2” is already in the works and will features tunes by Dave Allison, Weekend Express, Suonho, and Soho808. After part 2, we’re going to do a “best of LTD” release which will feature three of our biggest LTD tunes to date in Eddie C’s “Simple Song” from LTD001, Tornado Wallaces’ remix of Alex Agore from LTD002, and Fantastic Man’s “Groove With You” from LTD005 – as well as a special unreleased bonus cut from Eddie C. Our 10th LTD release is something very special that I don’t want to let out of the bag just yet.

UT-012 – The Tortoise – ft. remixes by Genius of Time by KolourRecordings

Ok, so can you tell us about the mix?

The mix is mainly chalked full of a grip of nice promo’s I’ve received from our wonderful network of friends as of late. I’m quite a fan of layering mixes together so there’s quite a few long transitions where I try to let the two tunes come together and make one. It was mixed on a pair of CDJ1000’s on a Rane 3-channel rotary empath mixer while my wife and kids were fast asleep.

Is there anything in particular we should listen out for?

As I mentioned, most of the tunes are some nice bits I’ve received on promo from friends as of late. I also used both of the Genius of Time remixes from our forthcoming Tortoise EP – so that’s definitely worth checking out. All in all, there’s just a ton of great music floating around out there and my main goal was to try and call whatever attention I could to it.

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  1. paul dyne says:

    gotta love the kolour releases, so good. keep it up!

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