Disconnected Podcast 035: Luv*Jam

Luv*Jam - Disconnected Podcast 035

We’ve known you for a bit, for those without their fingers on the pulse, tell us a bit about yourself..

Luv*Jam is a collective of like minded vinyl junkies from Wrexham in North Wales headed up by Andy Cole who has continued the name with his productions on labels such as Belgium’s We Play House and Lany, UK’s Phonica and Vibrations.

Also, you run one of our fave labels, can you tell us about that?

Crow Castle Cuts evolved from the Luv*Jam parties, a dream of ours to get it going. Crow Castle is the local fort from Wrexham’s neighbouring town Llangollen in North Wales. The castle has amazing history which leant itself to the kind of project we wanted to do. A compelling arts and music project lead by music from specifically invited artists and close friends and all bound together in hand finished ‘crowish’ artwork and fairytales of the castle from years gone by.

The historic moments of the castle were noted in our catalogue numbers CCC0749, CCC1073, CCC1277 and coming up at the end of April CCC1402 the final chapter in the collectors Quad pack!

Any parties coming up?

Yes, lots of gigs spread around the country really… Slowmo in Chester, Jaunt in Newcastle, City Bass in Cardiff are a few and then some nice festival affairs – Ibiza’s We Love Space and Kehakuma, Bestival/Camp Bestival, The Beacons in Yorkshire, and our favourite micro club Barcelona’s Macarena with friend Dusty.

So, what’s the crack with the mix?

There is a Luv*Jam EP coming out with killer NYC label “Throne of Blood” in July or August and the guys were invited to play Fabric to present the label showcase in May, of which they very kindly invited me to join them. Of course I bit their hands off to play there for the first time!

The mix is a promo mix for them really, but it features two of my favourite labels, as we have all grown together I guess – those are TUSK and DISCONNECTED. So it’s an honour for you guys to host this mix tape too!

What have you got coming up on a personal front?

There is all of the above and a few other EPs expected very soon on Skylax – Houseville of Skylax Volume 2, Millions OF Moments – Finite 0.05. The final Crow Castle Cuts CCC1402, which then meanders into ‘BLIND JACKS JOURNEY’
check – http://crowcastlecuts.tumblr.com/

There’s been plenty of radio mixes for Athen’s ‘Black Athena’, Moscow’s ‘Tall Moon Flower’ and Andy Wilson’s ‘Ibiza Sonica’ show is coming up over the Spring and Summer.

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