Disconnected Podcast 025: Lou Teti

Lou Teti Disconnected 025

Lou Teti tell us about putting a tiger on a leash and lays down a really cool mix at the same time

Hi Lou hows it going?

Great. Trying to stay cool in NY this summer, which isn’t easy, ugh. Super busy on the music front. Working on a bunch of different projects… Some solo work and a few nice collaborations as well.

So, thanks for doing the mix, can you tell us a bit about yourself away from music?

Well, I live in Brooklyn, grew up in NY just north of the city. I’ve been working as a post-production mixer for about 8 years or so, and now I own an audio post-production studio here in the city, we’ve been up and running for about a year now. That’s been amazing, love it, but juggling the studio and music has been keeping me pretty busy to say the least. As far as other interests… snowboarding, I do as much of that as I can. A little gardening, cooking here and there, and generally finding good eats in the city (which is kind of a full time job in itself). Oh and I’m starting to learn Japanese a little, though I was just told that I sound like akachan when I speak, ha.

Any reason for choosing Japanese?

Well, a lady of course. : ) Though, it IS also something I’ve wanted to learn for a while.

Cool, so what’s your music background?

Well, I was always interested in music. I started on the guitar in high school, I was pretty much mostly into hardcore and punk at that time, with a little classic rock stuff thrown in. I ended up studying Music/Audio Engineering at the University of Colorado where I got into playing jazz & fusion and stuff (it was sort of required), but at the same time I started going to raves in CO. I met a lot of the DJs and other people and it just seemed more natural and interesting for me to be part of the current music scene as oppose to recycling those old styles, regardless of how challenging they were technically. So yeah, I got way more into synths and creating electronic sounds. I moved back to NY and I starting hanging more with a high school friend JKriv (Deep&Disco, Tortured Soul). We worked as “bgb” and “the moves” for a bunch of years. We had a few releases on OM, Dessous, Central Park, Coco Machete, etc. I still work with J a ton (we’ve got a few nice things in the cooker right now actually), but in the last year or so I’ve also ended up working on a bunch of solo material and edits and stuff. At this point, I feel like most of the stuff I’m working on is incorporating bits from all these styles. The music is still definitely pretty ‘electronic’, but I’m using a lot more live instrumentation and singing on pretty much every song. Honestly at the moment I’m more inspired by my accordion then by my turntable, so we’ll see where things go.

Can you tell us a bit about Tigers on a Leash?

Yeah, well, first of all, the name… I have no idea what that’s about. Just seemed funny to me. And if you google it, well, let’s just say there aren’t tons competing hits. : ) But as far as the idea… Well, as I mentioned I’ve been pretty productive musically in the last year and I’ve ended up with a bunch of original material that I’m really happy with. I continued shopping around a bit, but then I realized that I have some nice connections with remixers and whatnot so I thought maybe it’d be fun to start up my own thing and see how it goes. So initially the plan was to just create a label to basically release my own music. However, at this point, I’ve got a few things working with other artist that I’m REALLY excited about so it seems to be expanding. It’s been a bit more work then I bargained for, but I’m actually having a blast so far… now if I can just figure out how to stop loosing money on it I’ll be golden! Ha. At the moment, I’m really interested in releasing music that will make people want to dance, but I’m digging stuff that’s a little more musical and maybe on the indie tip as oppose to too heavy on the beats, so I think you can expect TOAL to be moving in that direction. We’ll see where things go I guess.

check out some free downloads here

What have you got lined up for the next new months?

I’m going to be focusing on TOAL, original releases on other labels and remixes for sure. I have a bunch of originals lined up for release on TOAL, one coming real soon (it’s tied up in vinyl shenanigans right now, might end up digital only not sure yet, we’ll see). I’ve also got a few collaborations cooking for a few different labels, TOAL included. I don’t want to mention who I’m collating with in case things fizzle out, but some very nice stuff that I’m really excited about. We’ve also got a few nice things lined up with other artists for TOAL. I have a track that JKriv and I did coming on his label, Deep&Disco… I think we should expect that in the next month or two. I’m doing a release on Mullet Records that should be coming relatively soon as well. Oh, and a few remixes.

What can people expect from the mix?

It’s probably a little darker then a standard mix by me, but I’m actually really digging it. It was nice, because this is the first mix I put together in over a month, before which I had done a string of gigs and mixes so it was really nice to have a bunch of fresh material that I was excited about to play with. I dunno, I guess folks should listen and decide on their own. Criticism welcome. : )

Is there anything in particular we should listen out for?

Right now, I think the next thing I’ve got lined up is the next TOAL release. It’s an original of mine with remixes by Toomy Disco, Cassian, & Pink Stallone. Really happy with the entire package… Can’t wait for it to be released! I’m psyched about the Mullet & Deep&Disco releases too. : )

Thanks Lou

Now worries.

Check out Lou’s latest gear on the soundcloud link bellow… its just been released this week!

[TOAL 003] – I Know the Way by LouTeti/Tigers on a Leash

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