World Unknown #1: Various Artists

Andy Blake, the man behind Dissident and Cave Painting launches his new label; World Unknown, which takes the same name as his current Brixton based parties that are run with Joe Hart.

Check out the spiel for the night:

“It’s a post-industrial pleasure dome full of strange and often exotic music that pumps and throbs and shimmers and shakes. The 60s and 70s vintage projector-based lighting and roomful of disco-fog adds to the otherworldliness of the night which is totally unlike any other club in London, and quite possibly the world.”

These themes run throughout the release. WU1 starts with Whop! by Naum Gabo a.k.a. Jonnie Wilkes from Optimo and his production partner James Savage.

WU1 Side W. naum gabo – whop! clip by World Unknown

The slow groove of this rumbler affords plenty of space for the kind of interesting and intense feel you would expect from a Blake album. Franz Underwear does some macho bizniz on the flip. Tops of chest beating stuff…

Wu1 side u. franz underwear – grauzone clip by World Unknown

WU2, released at the same time, features Neville Watson and Apiento, the man behind testpressing website. It holds a similar vibe. Pretty raw, percussive, proto-house. Apiento’s ‘The Orange Clip’, is perhaps my favorite; stripped back and hypnotic.

Wu2 side u. apiento – the orange place clip by World Unknown

Nevile Watson’s track is far more up tempo pushing along in a bit of a rush to get to wherever its going…

Wu2 side w. neville watson – one green four clip by World Unknown

Four quality tracks but would you expect anything else from these artists and label owners?

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