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For nearly 20 years, Move D, in a variety of alias and partnerships, has been exploring electronic music. His latest stuff on Workshop continues that journey.

A few years ago when I started listening to techno I was sometimes aware of his music but more often than not it slipped under my (pretty poorly calibrated) radar. But not anymore, if there is a ‘Move D’ bandwagon, I’m on it. This relatively resent appreciation encouraged me to dip into his wonderful back catalogue in search of all the gold that had previously passed me by. Following his musical progression on early releases as one half of ‘Deep Space Network’ I eventually struck across his sublime album ‘Kunststoff’

Needless to say, the album is brilliant, and it will transport you into a world of deep space exploration (If you like SDC get it)! I could carry on for days delving into the classical, jazz influenced productions of this man, but this post is about his latest stuff on the fantastic ‘Workshop’ label.

Now, stuff on Workshop tends to find its way into my ‘crate’ at Phonica regardless of who has produced the track. But when I heard this release was on its way, I got my pre-order on quick smart. And I will say this up front (in case you can’t be arsed to hear me drone on any longer), if their are still some available, go get one, maybe even two!

Coming off the back of his beautiful release on Uzuri, this latest work is another, dare I say it, ‘future classic’. Perhaps such things don’t exist in this throw away digital age, but if they do, this gets my vote. Check out the A…

I much prefer to let the music speak for itself than attempt to qualify it with my clumsy use of English adjectives. But, wow, hypnotic or what? And if the BBC don’t commission the artists who made that video to make a series I’m never paying my license fee again!

On the B, there’s the same quality, two tracks in all. That makes three brilliant tracks for £8… Not that much more than digital I hear you say! No shit! And you get to actually touch it… With you hands and everything… Anyway, I digress.

Again, a lovely video, anything with the Turtles in it is going to be good though right? So, the track; deeper, again hypnotic and somehow twisted. Another win. But…For me, B2 is the one. When I dropped the needle on it I fully expected a melancholy journey to finish the record off… That’s not what i got.

Instead, B2 is a beautifully uplifting super slow slice of lazy haziness. I literally can’t wait to play this to people. Go get it, even if you don’t normally play vinyl… And if, like me, you were a bit slow on the Move D uptake, get on YouTube and do some diggin’. Then get on Discogs and do some buyin’. Oh, and listen to this…

move d @ panoramabar 2011-03-27 by Move D

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