Disconnected Podcast 023: Ursa Major

Ursa Major

Congratulations on the feedback and reviews of your Black Light EP. Were you pretty chuffed with it?

Thank you! Yeah we are amazingly pleased with it. The feedback has been great so far, it’s really quite humbling to hear from producers we admire giving such positive feedback. It really makes it all worth while. We have both been fans of Trouble & Bass for years, so being able to release an EP with them is perfect. It’s great to be part of such a well respected label.

Do you think that the regular djing has had an influence over your production?

Yeah guess it’s bound to really. It makes it easier to see what aspects of tracks work well on a dancefloor. We have been lucky having a residency at a big club and having had opportunities to play at festivals and abroad which helps to get an understanding of what elements work well. I think it helps maintain your enthusiasm too, being able to try different sounds and keeping you on your toes with new music.

What ticks more boxes in terms of enjoyment for you both at the moment? djing or producing?

That’s a tricky one. I guess the release has motivated us to keep the momentum going in terms of wanting a steady stream of releases and pushing things on that front. Then again I there is so much amazing music out at the moment it feels like a really exciting time to be djing. I have found myself getting more excited about looking for new music due to the vast amount of talented producers and djs moving things forward. So erm, both!

Whats the production process like when you are making tracks? Is is Sarah on tea making duties and Kieran on the technical computer bits?

Yeah I make a cracking cup of tea.. surprising as it may be, we both have equal input into the tracks on both the technical and ideas front. I’m sure some people find it hard to believe. Want to ask me a technical question?!!

Good answer, will take your word on that one! What is your take on people asking for requests when you are djing?

Well it’s a difficult situation. I personally think its ok in theory but what I don’t understand is when someone comes and asks for Beyonce when you’re playing house. I think most djs are guilty of either saying they have already played a track or saying they will play it later.. I’m not rude to people though, they’ve paid to get in!

I once saw someone waving a £5 note in front of you when he asked for a request. Did that approach work?

That was one of the more interesting approaches, it’s only happened once so far. Think he was asking for Tiesto or maybe even Skrillex so unfortunately it didn’t work. Good try though!

Whats your biggest guilty pleasure? I’m thinking some kind of Katy Perry white noise electro remix.. am I wrong?

Probably not Katy Perry. Think it would have to be an old dance track, vocals, cheesey lines, the full works. Something like Blackbox Ride on Time. Amazing track!!

What are your plans for the next 12 months or so?

We plan on carrying on with the production obviously. Our remix competition for ‘low Rises’ on Trouble & Bass has just been announced which was great fun. We have nearly finished our next EP which we are really happy with. We have a couple remixes to do and some really exciting collaborations in the pipeline too. Other than that, just playing out as much as possible and seeing how it all pans out.

So.. what’s in the mix then?

It’s quite a summery mix, wanted it to be quite uplifting so there are a few more vocal tracks than usual. Have put a couple of old garage tracks in there too for good measure!

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