Disconnected Podcast 022: Jay Daniel

Jay Daniel

How’s it going Jay? What have you been up to lately?

What’s up man, I’m chillin. Got back from my second home DC not too long ago, played an ill show there with my dude Jay Simon at the Science Club. We ripped it up!!

We featured the night you played at with Kyle and SDC a few weeks back on our site. How was that? We saw some pictures from it and it looked like a good party!

The show was cool a lot of heads came out. The spot was small & intimate, nice setting for a festival after party. I’m playing there again this week.

What was it like growing up with your Mum’s music?

That’s a hard question. I remember I used to listen “Stars” on cassette, and just be amazed that it was my mom’s voice I was hearing. That’s really the song that’s most memorable to me, especially because of the intro. It’s kinda crazy now cuz whenever I tell people in Detroit they’ll be like “That was your mom?!” It’s always been kinda normal to me, I guess the og’s flip over it cuz they realize they’re getting older.

Do you think that you will stay in Detroit or have you got any plans to move away?

I love Detroit, it’s a real chill city. It can get boring at times but overall it’s pretty neutral; you don’t run into a bunch of personalities like you would in say New York or Chicago. I can’t see myself moving anytime soon.

When Kyle was over for our last party he said you were good friends, how did you meet?

Yeah that’s my homie. We met about two years ago through our friend Ajamu, they went to high school together. We didn’t have cars back then, we used to ride bikes all the time. That was when we were extra young, Kyle had just started to really play out & he was all giddy all the time.

What’s your killer “get the girls dancing” tune?

There’s a Jay Simon mix of Faith Evans I Remember thats coming out on Wild Oats sooooon. That joint is killin it!! Detroit to DC!!!

What kind of things do you get up to outside of music?

I work at a natural food market, I make smoothies & t’ings. Other than that I read, study people and eat good food.

Did you enjoy doing the mix? Is there anything in there we should look out for?

Yeah, I wanna say peace to Royal Kabob in Slamtramck (Hamtramck) cuz I had just got Lamb Shwarma from there before I came home to do the mix. I hope y’all enjoy the mix tho, I enjoyed doing it!

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One Response to Disconnected Podcast 022: Jay Daniel

  1. Jay Simon says:

    big ups to the homie jay daniel! doing it real big man!!

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