Disconnected Podcast 018: 52 Commercial Road

52 Commercial Road

An interview and mix from 52 Commercial Road, they took some time out from a busy schedule for a catch up with Disconnected.

Right then chaps, first up, thanks for the podcast we really enjoyed it. How you doing?

We’re alright thanks. Hope you are too

You were playing up at the Maze in Nottingham when we had a warehouse party on, shame we clashed ‘cus I wanted to come check it, what did I miss?

Its always nice play out of London. In all honesty, we may not have been at the top of our game but it was a good night anyway due to the reception. We felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to play at such a well promoted and organised event alongside established local talent.

Can you tell us about yourselves away from music?

Between work, social life and family we spend as much time as possible on the band.
We are all politically active to some degree, as well as being involved with alternative projects around London. We’d like to think that we are all a fairly cultured bunch being from London and such but it’s not that true. We do read but we procrastinate and spend too much time watching football too.

And what’s your background in music?

Having met between 6 – 10 years ago and after playing with a number of musicians in various bands, we were lucky enough to find the right people who we were comfortable with to be able to express ourselves musically. It was a good starting point for us that we were mates without too many aspirations other than keeping on enjoying what we were doing. At the time when we started playing we were listening to a lot of music that has become widely known as “post-rock”. These records had a profound effect on us collectively and individually, there was a sense that these groups were fiercely uncompromising about their art and this was something that we aspired to.

How did you guys come together?

The longest serving of us met at school or through mutual friends. Gigs, squat parties and work have also introduced us to new friends who shared our values musically. Our line up has changed a fair few times. People have left, left and come back. There have been plenty of musicians who featured for shorter periods with a specific contribution in mind. Our door is usually open to all the friends and talented people we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Can you describe your creative process for me?

There are no rules but there are patterns to how our songs take shape. Sometimes it’s very difficult to communicate effectively or no one has a particularly strong sense of a narrative. It can take years before we are happy with it and once we are it can still improve and evolve. On the other hand sometimes ideas come together in a day and then never change. We write individually and collectively so there are two different processes appropriate to how we approach things.

How did you come to get involved with those tops chaps at ‘A Future Without’?

An old employee of theirs and lovely chap Alex Clapworthy happened to see us play a show, was very enthusiastic and things went on from there.

Can you tell is what to expect from the mix?

We all picked three tracks each by artists that we had been listening to recently or were long time fans of. There’s some stuff that most people will have heard of and some that they might not. It doesn’t necessarily reflect our influences musically.

What’s next for you chaps, gigs, release, holidays?

Quite a lot! Our next release will be a remix project that I shouldn’t say too much about but we are very excited about some of the artists who are on board at the moment. It will hopefully be released towards the end of the year and will be available as a digital download and vinyl.

As always we are writing new material and in the process of developing our live show which we will be taking to festivals at home and abroad over the summer months.

Anyone who wants to keep up with all things 52 should head over to our facebook page.

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