Disconnected Podcast 015: Deadly Sins


Deadly Sins (aka David James) has been in the game for years, recently he has been getting the most acclaim for his deadly disco production. Listen in for a perfect mix for the summer!

How ya doing Deadly? Or should I could you David?

Hi, i’m doing really well, please call me Deadly David ha no just david will do nicely..

Ok dude, will do, so what’s your back-ground in music?

I’ve been producing for 15 years under many guises Supakings / Alaska Soul / Audio Drive and David James ‘Always’ which was probably my biggest track to date, I’ve been working in music for the same amount of time I worked as an A&R scout for London Records which entailed helping pick the records for Pete Tongs radio show which I did from 2000 – 2005 it was a great job I basically went record shopping for a living, can’t be bad eh? Currently I work as a Label manager for Prime Direct Distribution we press vinyl for some of the best house / edits labels like Defected / Kolour Recordings / NRK / Wolf Music / Cosmic Boogie / Paper Recordings / Z Records etc.

Can you tell me a bit about Giant Cuts, how did it come about and what’s your motivation?

I started Giant Cuts about 18 months ago to put out all my own edits and it’s grown nicely with vinyl and Digital releases, on the back of that I’ve started Original Cuts for the more slomo & deep house stuff, my first signing is 78 Edits aka Jamie Buchanan a young guy from Edinburgh and I have an EP coming out from him in May called ‘Been A Long Time’ expect big things from Jamie. Then next up will be an EP from Legendary 1979 Orchestra and then an EP from myself.

‘Catch a Dub’ is never out of my record bag, are you still enjoying that one?

Ah that’s great news, yeah its still one of my favourites I think Duff Disco used the same sample recently so I must be doing something right!

Can you tell us a bit about your production process?

I use Abelton mainly it’s such a powerful tool, the warping is awesome it took me a little while to get my head around as I’m used to Logic & Cubase from back in the day when we started out on an Atari ST running Cubase, wow they were the days. I just try and find a track that’s pretty obscure and give it a new twist for 2011 and so far it’s working well.

What’s next on the releasing front?

Giant Cuts Vol 5 & Disco Boogie Classic Vol 1 are both out now on vinyl and i’m up to Giant Cuts Vol 7 on Digital so getting a new EP ready right now as well as the Original Cuts releases.

Who should we be looking out for in the coming months?

Well Jamie 78 Edits for sure he’s doing great stuff and the 1979 Orchestra guys I’m loving all the stuff that’s coming out of Melbourne right now like Fantastic Man / Andy Hart & Lewie Day aka Tornado Wallace.

Can you tell is what to expect from the mix?

I choose to keep this mix a bit more soulful and funky for the summer with lots of different elements and samples thrown in that’s something that I do live as well and a good mix of new and some older tracks that you may have missed that fit the sound right now. As well as 2 tracks from the Gaint Cuts / Original Cuts stable. I hope you all enjoy it..

So, tell me about yourself away from music?

Seeing as I work in music, run 2 labels and dj my life pretty much revolves around music.. but I love to cook (used to be a chef), go to the movies, play tennis and keep fit and spend time with good friends that’s about it really..

Cheers (Deadly) David, its been a pleasure…

Mix Tracklisting

Dj Raw Sugar – Woman of the Ghetto
Deep & Disco – Married on the Moon
6th Borough – if the Feeling’s Right
The Crusaders – Spiral – Andy Hart Remix
The Soul Renegades – Darlin
78 Edits – Been a Long Time
Ooft – This Sound
Thomas Malo – Were Gonna Make It
Chapter Three – Smurf Trek – The Revenge
6th Borough – Just a Memory
Hang Together – Keep Schtum Edit
I Cube – Falling
Zoo Look – Holding on
Nocturnal Groove – Late Night Tales
Deadly Sins – You and I
+ a Cast of Many Samples

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