Disconnected Podcast 014: Glenn Astro

glen astro disconnected 014

For Disconnected Podcast 014 we bring you Glenn Astro.. organic and versatile!

Easy Glenn, how’s it going?

Yo! I’m fine, thanks…
Thanks for doing a mix for our podcast. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, away from music?

No problem. It was my pleasure, really! Well, I’m 23 years old and studying sociology. I’m obsessively watching sitcoms and spend way too much money on records & food.

What’s your background in music, how did you get to where you are now?

I really got into making beats about 10 years ago with an early version of Fruity Loops. I used that for quite a while and started to invest in some hardware in the following years, like midi keyboards, synths and stuff. I went on with switching to other DAWs like Cubase and Ableton. Actually, I’m buying and reselling hardware to this day, haha.

Who’s been influential on your sound?

I can’t really fix it to just one specific influence. In general, my main influences are Hip Hop and House music, I guess. Stuff like Jay Dee, Madlib, Neptunes, Armand van Helden, Daft Punk etc… The Detroit type of sound, you know like Moodymann, Wajeed, Amp Fiddler, Theo Parrish and all that stuff is also very influential on my sound. There’s also Jazz, Funk and different kinds of Rock music that I dig.

We first came across your productions on soundcloud, some really nice stuff man, what’s your production set up?

Thanks, mate! Basically there’s my MPC 2000xl and the Sp 404 which most of the times are my starting points. Along with that I use some synthesizers plus some cheap percussions (claves, shakers…) and also rackmounts for sounds and effects. I try to make the most part of a beat/song outside of the computer and use Ableton just for editing the tracks, arrangement or put some effects on it.

Have you got any releases in the pipeline?

Yeah, there’s this track I made called ‘Walk Away’ which is available as a free download on my soundcloud page already. I’m going to release this track ”officially” along with four additional remixes by Krts, Rasho T. L’Or, I.M.YRMiND, Renaud Davis and Duktus. All of them did a great job, the remixes turned out really dope! The whole package will be available as a free download.
I also did a remix for Krts’ song called ‘Hold On’ that will also come out in the very near future. At the moment I.M.YRMiND and me are working on an EP called ‘castles in the clouds’. There will also be some collaborations with Rasho T. L’Or.

So what’s next for you then?

Hard to say.. Trying to improve my musical skills and keep on making new stuff, I guess. Maybe start to think about a proper live set/live show. I don’t really know yet. Time will tell.

Can you tell us about the mix, what can we expect?

I wanted to keep the mix as organic and versatile as possible. I’m a big fan of eclectic mixes and Dj sets, so that’s kinda what I wanted to reflect in this podcast. There are a couple of tracks by myself, some Rasho T. L’Or, I.M.YRMiND and of course Krts who was really cool and supporting to me for the last couple of months.

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