Disconnected Podcast 013: Young Echo

disconnected 013 young echo

El Kid, Kähn, Vessel and Zhou are Young Echo from Bristol, UK.

Easy now boys, how’s it hanging? Your man Will from A Future Without suggested I get these questions together to catch you all in one spot at your radio show, so first off, can you tell me what’s the deal with the show, how did it come about?

We were all sharing tracks online and in person, and Zhou suggested to meet and do a radio show as a platform to promote our own tunes, and play music which wouldn’t necessarily be promoted otherwise.

What’s the meaning behind the name?

It was not intended to be anything too intellectual but there’s something interesting about the lifespan of sounds… young echo, old echo. Once it was suggested, it felt right. What were your motivations for the show? We felt we shared a common attitude to producing tunes and you can hear that in our music. It’s also a nice opportunity for us to meet socially and share our music with each other, and the listeners.

What were your motivations for the show?

We felt we shared a common attitude to producing tunes and you can hear that in our music. It’s also a nice opportunity for us to meet socially and share our music with each other, and the listeners.

Is there a philosophy that runs through it?

Our focus is on our own productions. We play music that may not be ever heard elsewhere. As we all DJ from time to time it is an opportunity to focus on material of ours that is less suitable for the dancefloor, though we tend to mix it with newer club sounds as well.

How did you guys start working with the Future Without Crew?

They approached Zhou first, who released their self-titled EP in September 2010. Next up was the Baba Yaga EP (Kahn and Vessel), which was released in October. Kahn was up next with his EP in December. Vessel has an EP coming up in the next few months, and El Kid has one out around September. These are all our debut EPs and A Future Without have been instrumental in bringing us together under one banner and allowing us to put our music out in public. They’ve got a great and varied back-catalog, and are a pleasure to work with.

So, who have we got here? Can you tell me a bit about yourselves?

We are El Kid, Kahn, Vessel and Zhou. We’re all from the West-Country. Vessel likes to follow Actress’s facebook too closely. El Kid gets far too excited about unusual breakfasts. Kahn dislikes this section of the interview. You might see Zhou rolling around town in their Vauxhall Agila 1.2.

And what have you guys got in the pipe-line for the next six months musically?

Kahn has a 12″ vinyl release coming out on Punch Drunk on 28th of February, and a remix of M.I.K.’s ‘Do It’ out the day after which will be available on iTunes. He is DJing a lot to support these releases so keep an eye out. Vessel has releases coming out on a few labels, details to follow, and a split cassette with El Kid out on Astro:Dynamics in the next couple of months. El Kid also has two tracks coming out on Immerse quite soon, and is developing tracks for a vocal EP out on A Future Without soon. Zhou are working on an 8 track EP and a remix for the Astro:Dynamics release from El Kid and Vessel.

The show.. are you just gonna keep on, or is there plans to progress?

No master-plan but we’re refining the show as we go along.

When’s the next show, and have you got any stuff lined up you can tell us about?

We tend to do one every six weeks, but if you keep an eye on http://youngecho.tumblr.com/ you’ll be updated. We have some big plans for guest mixes from some producers we love, but details will only be released closer to the individual shows.

Tips for the coming year?

Always double-knot your shoe-laces, and please support our sound by buying our records and listening to the show.

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INTRO – (El Kid – Womb)
Vessel & Zhou – Tremble
Kahn – Doomsday
Vessel – Instectitude
El Kid – Under (in ripples) [Forthcoming A Future Without]
Vessel – Jupiter Rise [Forthcoming A Future Without]
Zhou – Moth
El Kid – Binary (Zhou Remix)
Kahn – Azalea
Zhou & Boesha – Lost – Free Download
Kahn – Miss You When I’m Drinking [A Future Without]
El Kid – Snow Amnesia [Forthcoming Astro:Dynamics]
Vessel – Patina (Ready Brek edit)
Vessel – Nylon Sunset [Forthcoming Left_Blank]
El Kid – Le Corbusier (Forthcoming Immerse Records)
Maddslinky(Zed Bias) – Further Away ft. Tawiah (Kahn remix)
El Kid – 89 [Forthcoming Astro:Dynamics]
Alex Rendall – Seaweed (prod. Zhou)

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