Steffi: Yours & Mine

Part of the Third Side project on Restoration, which indulges more of her raw tendencies toward music production and previous releases, ‘Kill Me’ and ’24 Hours’ featured in Tama Sumo’s ‘Panorama Bar’ mix along with the mysterious ‘My Room’ created for the Funf Compilation have proved a fantastic introduction to Steffi’s sound.

February 7th sees the release on her long awaited debut album entitled ‘Yours & Mine’ where you can be sure to discover an even further developed producer in Steffi. The album shares with us a long period of intense experimentation and self-discovery, which has culminated in a sensitive and instinctive release ready to be played time and time again.

Carefully mixing old and new instrumental samples – warm, analogue synth and drum textures flow in unison with modern studio finesse throughout nine tracks of melodic relaxation yet soft, deep grooves. Delicate, hypnotic rhythms meet temperate, slow-building beats that create a sense of tranquility on the dance floor.

The opening track, ‘Lilo’ is a soothing, harmonious forecast of this serenely deep sound. A warm, solid thump drives it however, making it clear that the beauty in Steffi’s brand of house music lies in the meeting of classic and emotionally drenched melodies with earthly drums.

The tactile ‘Piem’ rises with a strong late-night intensity before ‘Yours’ featuring Virginia comes to the fore. Steffi recently collaborated with Virgina on the excellent ‘Reasons’ EP for Underground Quality and now her smooth and distinctive voice penetrates the subconscience in this powerful recording. Striking a clever balance between positive, addictive pop and straight-up club energy, this vocal led future-classic is a loud and proud testament to how far Steffi has come. Not only as a producer, but as a DJ who understands the need for balance, control and of course, release!

Perhaps an ode to the many foundations of house that have no doubt inspired Steffi, ‘Arms’ is a string-led jack track, a slow burner in the best sense, and all the better for it. Similarly ‘Manic Moods’ sells itself on the strength of its handful of carefully crafted analogue synth lines, slowly fusing to become one while the beats urge us forward.

The urgent, sci-fi tones and extended, soaring strings of ‘Mine’ bring it back to the club as heady images of warehouses past, present and future flash before us. This retro-futurism is then taken further with the muscular ‘Nightspacer’, whose NYC house roots are fleshed out with blossoming pads and an unstoppable throbbing vibe.

Drawing the album towards its close, the deeply spaced ‘You Own My Mind’, featuring Virginia’s beautifully smooth vocals once again, overwhelms the imagination in a calming embrace.

Deeply personal to the last, ‘Moving Lips’ could be that special last embrace; one more moment to end the night, yet keep us longing for more!

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