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In their own words, Claes and Ola have created a mix of deep, lovely, sexy dubstep with lots of melodies. Something for everyone!

Can you tell us about yourselves, away from music?

Yes Yes. First of all I’m Claes Rosén, 29 years old from Nynashamn, south of Stockholm. Workin my 9-5 as an technician. Altho that’s only to pay the bills you know. Almost all other time is dedicated to making and playing music. Of course, weekends usually ends up in wild parties with friends & bad hangovers , but thats another story!..

I’m Ola Naslund , 29 years old, also from Nynashamn. Workin at a big warehouse loading/unloading lorrys – always with headphones on listening to all kinds of music. Apart from that I guess I’m like any other guy really. Like spending time with friends, party late on weekends & dine at fancy places.

How come you started working together?

Claes: Well I guess we started hanging out sometime in the mid 90’s. We used to go to the same school and I had just started to make my first beats on the ooold Fasttracker2. Ola was the DJ who used to spin at the local youth center.

Ola: Yea, I got my first mixer & cd’s around 94-95. The interest in music made us start hanging out. Altho, back then is was mainly house music that were made.

What’s the music scene like in Sweden?

The dubstep scene is growing and growing. We linked up with a guy called Daniel Irok and a couple of other DJs around 4 years ago, and started a clubnite here called “All Out Dubstep”. It’s Sweden’s biggest bassdriven music-club at the moment with monthly events in the 3 biggest citys here (Stockholm, Gothenburg & Malmoe).

Always nice vibes and we see new faces coming to the events every time. So it’s all good!!

Have you been over to the UK playing gigs?

Yea , we’ve played in London 3 times I think. Fabric, a warehouse one in Hackney and Herbal in Shoreditch. Also been to Glasgow, Scotland.

Educated crowds all over the island! People know their music!

So, what’s your production process like?

Claes: Since all the beats are made at my place, “Apelsintradet Studios”, I usually start out on my own. Ola stops by and shouts at me that I need to change this & that and voilá.

Ola: Claes is the main producer of us, he’s the one playing all the keys. The Musician! I’m more for ideas and over lookin the creation and keeping Claes on a tight leash so he’s doesn’t slip into that trance shit he makes on the side of L-Wiz hahaha!

What’s next up for L-Wiz?

Claes: First up we got the release of Kapsize 006 feat the track Straitjacket & 4.42 OZ (out Feb 14th), then we got our own label All out Dubstep 004 – 3tracks (release tba).

Also got some tracks on various compilations droppin soon. Can’t really tell you all about those ones yet!

Ola: gig wise we got:

Can you tell us what to expect in the mix?

Deep, Lovely, Sexy Dubstep with lots of melodies. Something for everyone! Not one of those “brostep” ones sorry. Mostly our own unreleased stuff. 1 personal favourite from Silkie and another sexy piece from the up n’ coming producer O-Dessa. All of that plus Claes playing some live keys of course.

A small hint of what we do it in the clubs sort of…

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