Disconnected Podcast 010: VVV

vvv disconnected 010

VVV has recorded us a mix of his favourite ambient and slower moving pieces that have been discovered over the past year or so.

How’s it going? How’s Austin?

Not too shabby… just waking up. Austin is ok, well great, compared to the rest of the state. I’m slightly conflicted now that I have settled firm roots here. This city seemingly changes every year, population here has nearly doubled in the past decade, and many of the places I grew up with have vanished or have been squeezed out by new development. Still, a lovely place to be unless you travel here in the summer, that can be brutal for most.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, away from music?

I dedicate most of my free time to music or music related work, so that’s difficult. I love to read outdoors on days like today… with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Finding time to spend with my family, friends, and girlfriend is a priority for me, as well.

So how come you got into production?

I was getting bored in the studio, and I began to stray away from the guitar infused electronic stuff I was making and was fortunate enough to spend time with friends that were eager to make beats. I think that really inspired me to dedicate a lot more of my free time with gear and then, newly discovered DAWs.

And how come you ended up going down the 2-step/garage path?

I blame the internet.

What’s with the name, anything significant in that?

Not really, It was lifted from a short-lived surrealist art zine published in the 40’s.

How did you come to be picked up by the guys at Fortified Audio?

Gordon (label boss) contacted me. We discussed a few things and it didn’t take long to sort out the first ep.

What’s next on the releases front?

I have another Fortified Audio release coming soon, a 2XLP (8 songs) due out by late spring/early summer. I’m pretty excited about this one.

Any colabs in the pipeline?

There’s this collaboration I did a while back with Bristol’s Phaeleh called “Reconcile”, which ought to be out on Soul Motive later this month.

When are you next over in Europe?

I hope to make it there by this Summer for a few dates, I might do some shows here in the States before then.

Can you tell us about the mix, is there anything in particular we should listen out for?

Not Particularly. This is something I assembled the other week, on a beautiful sunny day. These are a few of my favourite ambient and slowly moving pieces that I’ve listened to/discovered over the past year. Headphones recommended.

Keep up to date with new tunes from VVV on his Soundcloud page

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