Sepalcure: Fleur EP

Brooklyn-based duo Sepalcure (Travis Stewart and Praveen Sharma) follow up their amazing debut EP ‘Love Pressure’ with the ‘Fleur’ EP.

Set for a late January release on Hot Flush, the pair have written four distinctive cuts and managed to maintained the sonic warmth which stands out in their previous works. Taking influences from house, techno and dubstep they produce a sound that is clearly Sepalcure.

Your Love by sepalcure

Each track cuts a very different figure. The EP’s title track is a melodic moonlight walk full of mesmerising percussion and beautiful vocals. There are more rich vocals in ‘Your Love’, which is the perfect accompaniment to Fleur, grooving along at its own pace, gradually building and then falling away into the distant land from which it came.

‘No Think’ is perhaps the peak time track on the EP. Relentless bass, more soulful vocals, and a chugging, driving undertone that will transfix dance floors. They finish the record with the haunting ambiance of ‘Inside’, inspired it seams by the harmonics of drone, this is 2 minutues 13 seconds of an eyes closed escapism.

No Think by sepalcure

If you were lucky enough to catch them on their resent Hot Flush European tour well done. If not, we are sure they will be over again some time this year, in a city near you, don’t miss them again.

Check out Sepalcure’s website.

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