Exit Records Presents: Mosaic Vol.1

To ensure that the countless productions gracing the Exit inbox saw the light of day, a compelling 2 disc compilation has been put together showcasing the best talent this label has to offer.

Mosaic Vol.1 is not prejudice. Major artists like Skream, Instra:mental and Scuba feature alongside inspiring new talents such as Indigo, Synkro, Mode and Code 3.

The album’s focus is geared toward unveiling the more experimental side of drum ‘n’ bass as opposed to the crash, bang, wallop style that seems to be the only side of this ‘adrenaline-fueled’ genre portrayed by the mainstream media.

Disc 1 is quite organic in nature; featured tracks are fluid and grow, develop and progress throughout. Liquid sounds are given a fresh twist by Scuba with his rhythmic composition used in ‘In 2’, which blends subtle tribal influences with sensual and soulful vocals.

Followed by the young up-start, Synkro, with his delicately melodic ‘Open Arms’. This track is one of my favourites – constructed with lots of intricate, soothing oriental sounds that relax and take your mind to a new place (if only for around 5 minutes).

Disc 2 begins with a stark contrast. These tracks have a more industrial feel to them, reflecting the man-made quality more so than earlier tracks, such as ‘Stepping Stones’ by Mode. This record comprises hauntingly beautiful sounds layered over mechanical rhythms.

Delving deeper, you have Skream’s ‘Motorway’ – industrial but very much alive with a pulsing bassline. These eerie sounds feel quite uncomfortable but the beat holds it all together keeping the tension at bay.

mosaic vol1 track to stream by Melissa

Out next Monday, this record reaches out to those listeners that think this forward thinking music has been left behind in the nineties, to show them that it’s still capable of producing some surprising and unpredictable results.

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