Disconnected Podcast 009: Lostlojic

lostlojic disconnected 009

Lostlojic hits us up with a mix of 2step, garage and dubstep. We hooked up with the Ukrainian musician to find out a bit more about him.

Hi there Lostlojic, how’s it going?

All is great, thanks!

What’s the Ukraine like this time of year, cool?

Oh, I like this season. We have everything here that you think of when you hear the word “winter”! It’s cold, it’s snowing but at least it’s sunny outside.

So, what’s the with name?

This word is as close as possible to reflect my character

Tell us about yourself, you know, away from music…

Right now I am getting my technical education in daytime and sit with the laptop busy with hobby at night… I don`t like to sleep

And what about music, what’s your background?

During my childhood my cousin Mikhail (aka Asphexia, dnb producer) listened to different electronics over my head… it all started with instilling love for “The Prodigy” ito my mind.

My lovely cousin Marina (aka Faib, dubstep producer, Ranking, Smokin Sessions) showed me dubstep.

Who’s been the main influences on your sound?

Two important musical discoveries important to me: “The Prodigy” at the beginning and “Burial” later.. Faib, Synkro, Bisweed have also influenced my sound greatly.

Can you tell us about the mix, what can we expect?

In this mix I want to show my favourite tunes right now. Here are tracks from my favourite artists ever such as Late, Clubroot, Eleven Tigers.. Tracks from my friends: Rush`d, i3i3, Actraiser, Dark Sky and a few tracks from myself

Can you tell us about your production set up?

It’s fairly straight forward, I have no special hardware.. just a laptop with reason on it.

What in the future Lostlojic?

“Will Be EP”, a collaboration release with Maxim Bisweed will be out on Millions of Moments UK in the end of February. Both of us are very excited and we are looking forward to this release as it took us more than a year to make it happen. After this EP my own 12″ with two garage tracks will be released on the same label. So my near future looks not that bad.

[MOMUK1] Will Be EP (ft. Bisweed, + Rush`d Remix) 2×12″ Release Date : End Of February 2011
Preview – MOM UK1 – Release Date : End Of February 2011 by millions-of-moments

[MOMUK2] “Out of Ctrl” / “We Can Not Hide” 12″ Release Date : End Of February 2011
Preview – MOM UK2 – Release Date : End Of February 2011 by millions-of-moments

Also I am planning to do more dance garage music…

For more information on Lostlojic you can check out:

Lostlojic Soundcloud
Lostlojic Tumblr

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