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Lonely Galaxy is a swimmer. A powerful champion, an Apollo through the water. Young and lithe his gilded body is a triumph of creation, a vessel carved from the golden bough, the fruit of the ocean. Crowned by the curling waves he moves through water like a bird through air; progression is made with a swift cutting action, an extension of the arm through the surface of the water, opening a wound with the acute precision of a surgeon; he is sharp, light, frictionless. As he feels his path in the silk-like texture of the water his unloosened talent exposes itself.

Why when we think of natural abilities are we become primarily concerned with the beasts, as if they are preternaturally gifted within the bounds of their habitat. It is always us humans projecting ourselves onto the talents of animals, never the other way round. We rarely connect such natural human elements to ourselves, as if consciousness distances the user. Man, the learned ape, he who walks upon his two feet with straightened back and groomed hair, when did he lose his nature? When was it that the beast was eradicated from the body?
I suggest we look back upon our dear swimmer, chasing the lines up and down the pool, following the red and white of the lane markers before the oblivion of the turn. Let us look upon him and decide. Does this creature retain the beast? Born from the sea, knowing only a millenia of rushing water, the same arch of the back, the same kick of the leg, the same muscles reciting the same movements forever. Is this really him?

Lonely Galaxy is Harry Granger-Howell, a natural, elemental force, producing swooning tracks awash with layers of vibrant noise. Big, breathy organs move his pieces at the rolling pace of the wind, whilst guitars hum in the background as if standing upon a promontory giving a grand importance to Granger-Howell’s heartfelt hymns. Have a Heart rustles with the ceaseless noise of life. Waiting reflects back the everyday as a constant rumble, a movement from one place to another, a snatched conversation, a brief swim. EP 1 is a minimal effort balanced by a full realisation of the importance of minute sonic interference and by relation, the weight of real life.

Lonely Galaxy released his second EP, EP 2 on 6th December. In it he strikes a move from the minimal, rolling noise of life to a more developed sonic coating. Instrumentation is more vibrant and alive adding further life-like flourishes to his work. Maybe on this record Lonely Galaxy moves out of the pool and into the ocean, a devolution to a more primordial and dangerous age where the drowned atmosphere of his earlier work is threatened by the influx of strange, wild creatures.

Stephen Smith

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