Mount Kimbie: Blind Night Errand EP

Yesterday saw the release of Mount Kimbie’s latest EP, ‘Blind Night Errand’ on Scuba’s Hot Flush Recordings.

The record features the title track, which is taken from their debut album ‘Crooks And Lovers’, including an alternative ‘dayglo’ version of ‘William’ alongside ‘Before I Move Off’ and a live recording of ‘Maybes’ from a recent set at the infamous Berghain.

Mount Kimbie tend to be regarded as part of the post-dubstep scene, although ‘Crooks And Lovers’ doesn’t always reflect this. Listening to the progressive bassline and jagged synth patterns of ‘Blind Night Errand’, you can see how the duo have evolved to defy being pigeonholed.

As the intro to ‘William’ grows, you can feel yourself being eased into the track – as if preparing the listener for broken yet melodic vocals paired with glitchy, futuristic sounds and a jarred rhythm.

Followed by the unexpectedly soothing ‘Maybes’ and finished with the hauntingly delicate ‘Before I Move Off’ (on the digital release only I believe), a record filled with compelling melodies and experimental percussion, makes this EP a great showcase of the talent that is Dominic Maker and Kai Campos.

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