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The crowded pavements Throwing Snow inhabit are filled with an ocean of noise. Down these corridors the staggering masses let off unique sounds individual to that person and that person only. As one bumps into another a singular progression is performed from each body, sounding out to the crowd at large…

On such busy days the sounds become so luminous and reactive as to cause great symphonies to rise out of the individual creating an ungainly orchestra of souls. It is the sound of the colour of these streets blocking out the dull greys and browns that configure the landscape caught before us in our eyes. Looking up at such heights we can only find the soul lost in a mist, alone among ourselves. Within the people creation lies, not in a single light in the dark, but in a whole technicolour field of imagination, colliding against one another to form a barrelling stream of intense invention.

Throwing Snow a.k.a Ross Tones has been creating music for some time, forging his signature sound through keen experimentalism. However, it is his work produced in 2010 that has inspired us the most. A double A side on Ho-Tep earlier this year saw Throwing Snow expand into uncharted realms, finding the neuroses and aberration in dub-step. It reeks of the crowded streets. Further more, by spreading the melody thinly in his remix of Gold Panda’s ‘Snow & Taxis’ he found a human quality in his programming, as if the electronic soundwaves themselves were playing host to complex human emotions.

Gold Panda – Snow and Taxis (Throwing Snow Remix) by Throwing Snow

A parade of colours litters the pavement: a red flash, a shining glint of yellow, the blues all moving in unison. It’s like a rainbow in this way, but one that spills over itself as if on a surrealist canvas. Yet if you look from above, the colours are blotted out by seas of moss-green haze that subtract from the gleaming image below. On this street colours are forced into a narrow chamber surrounded by an atmosphere which seeks to mystify the noise.

I often find that reducing music to the visible spectrum of colours enables me to find clarity in the sounds, and with Throwing Snow there is a definite involvement between these bright parading colours and the uneasiness of the greys and greens which surround it. Ross Tones attempts transformation using these colours, or if you will these characters of invention. Un Vingt was first played to me only a few weeks ago, however on hearing it I knew the colours involved and the way in which Tones forms his sound. Through opaque mystery he seeks to find definition.

Un Vingt by Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow: Un Vingt/Cronos is out now on Ho-Tep Records.

Andy Wells.

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