Disconnected Podcast 003: Visions of Trees

003 Visions of Trees

It has been a big year for Visions Of Trees, their debut release “Sometimes It Kills” received praise from a wide audience when it came out back in February. It’s just what you would expect from a band who played their first gig just days after pairing up! With a host of live dates and DJ sets over the next few months things look set to keep growing. We sat down with them to find out a bit more about them and the influences behind their music.

Hi Visions Of Trees, can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Hello. We’re two people who live in London. We play in a band called Visions Of Trees. My name is Joni and our singer’s name is Sara. Our sound has been described as psychedelic R&B or something like that. Seems chill.

So, what’s the with name?

It has a reference to my childhood, spent living amongst trees and wild animals. I feel like I’ve got this connection or whatever to wilderness, the rawness and purity of nature and often dream about running away and living in the woods.

Tell us about yourself, you know, away from music…

I spend a lot of time on my own indoors or on my rooftop. I’m not really working outside the band at the moment so I’m perpetually skint and that kinda limits what you can and can’t do in London. Me and Sara hang out a lot together but we’re not huge on the party scene at all. I’m not the most social person and kinda private too… We’re probably really boring.

How did you come to music?

I’d honestly say that it’s the only thing I’ve ever had any interest in and probably the only thing I’m any good at. Although that’s a very objective opinion of course. I started playing guitar when I was like 11. I’ve only been ‘producing’ for a couple of years really. I was in a noise band and a punk band before that. And in a metal band prior to that. Sara used to do some dancing and theatre and whatnot. Her background in music is quite different from mine, which is cool.

Who’s been the main influences on your sound?

Probably chart pop and Black Dice.

Can you tell us about the mix, what can we expect?

It’s like a mixture of newer stuff I’ve been vibing lately, like White Car, Hype Williams, Glasser and then there’s some classic cuts from Ghostface, Aaliyah and Mariah. Plus this badass remix ft. Janet Jackson.

What where your influences when putting it together?

Just stuff I normally listen to… Lots of rap, R&B and pop and some new bands too. Dunno, just wanted to have a bunch of different stuff on it.

What’s your production set up?

Got a bunch of hardware scattered around my front room where we do all our recording and writing. I use my live set up to write quite a bit. We like to keep the creative process as hands on as possible. All editing is done on my freeze-tastic PC.

What’s in the future for VOT?

Releasing a double A-side on Moshi Moshi Records early next year and then touring and that. Not doing that many shows before the end of the year so will try to do as much writing as possible. Got quite a bit of cool stuff lined up for 2K11 but it’s all bit hush hush still.

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