Compound One: Pum Pum Beat

Fracture and Qualifide bring us some blistering beats straight off the mean streets of Hackney.

This release is another nail in the coffin for all those who try to pigeon-hole artists as ‘dubstep’, ‘funky’, ‘techno’ or ‘whatever-step-core’. Compound One, Fracture and Qualifide merge the sounds of more genres than I care to try to describe, indeed, you don’t need to know what ‘type’ of music this is, you just need to know that this release is big, very big!

Pum Pum Beat does exactly what it says on the tin! Serious, listen in and you will know what I mean. Kick drum and a half! Some wicked noises in here, all pulled together with a skippy, shuffly beat. The second track on the A-side ‘Back Off’, brings a slightly lighter feel, but it still gets a huge sub-bass work out! Luxurious vocals carry a flow through the track, with a percussive, garage-like groove to keep ya’ shoulders poppin’.

Flipping to the B-side we have ‘Tud Naat’. Drums, drums, and more wicked drums. This track’s a bit challenging, but for those who like to think a bit more about their electronic music this might be the outstanding side. Qualifide’s remix of the same track follows and brings those drums back to the dance floor… Big bold techno for the bass-lead generation.

Yes, Compound One are on fire. If they come to a city near you… Don’t miss ‘em!

Back Off – Compound One [clip] by Daisy Disconnected

Check out Compound One.

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