Synkro: Letting Go (dBridge Remix)

Veteran garage producer Synkro’s foray into future garage continues with ‘Letting Go’, a track that utilises crisp 2-step shuffles and hypnotic synth lines to create a stripped-down production aesthetic that is both refreshing and engaging.

Synkro’s earlier efforts drew favourable comparisons with Burial’s soulful 2-step vibes, 2008’s ‘Everybody Knows’, with its entrancing sampling of Brandy’s ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’, being a notable example. It is clear that this latest release marks a stylistic departure. Absent Brandy’s emotive vocals, ‘Letting Go’ is comprised of punchy drum loops combined with shifting synth lines to create a sense of space and depth. It is in the interplay of these components that the appeal of this track is most evident.

Make no mistake, it is a slow burner, but the gradual build up makes the emotive and yet all too fleeting synth line at the end all the more powerful. ‘Letting Go’ is a fine example of the potential for exploration in the stripped-down, ambient areas of future garage.

The track goes on general release in September, coinciding with the launch of Synkro’s new label, ‘Blackout Music’.

Oliver Turnbull.

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