Parties you need to go to: Arthouse

We asked our Facebook followers to tell us of events that shouldn’t be missed in the UK and overseas. Here’s the first party you need to go to…

What’s the history behind Arthouse, how did it come about?

Arthouse was created by myself and my best friend Grahame. We wanted to start something different in Manchester, not like all the fancy parties that you usually get every weekend. We wanted all our friends to come together and spend time listening to good music without all the shit that sometimes comes with clubbing. So we did!

Tell us about your up to date bookings. What sort of music style(s) are you trying to get out there?

Up to now we had guests like Matt Tolfrey, Lee Curtiss, The Revenge, Wolf + Lamb, Ethyl, Le Loup, Matthew Burton, Chamboche etc. We are usually trying to bring people that have something special to offer to our crowd. I guess the main style we like is deep house but DJ’s play whatever they like of course. That’s the beauty of being a good DJ, mixing different styles and doing it well. The great thing about our current venue is that it’s small capacity allows the artists to dig really deep in their collection and play all those ‘special occasion’ records!

A few words about your venue?

We have used a few venues but the current one is the one that expresses the most what we want to deliver. It is really small and intimate (40-50 people), great decor, good sound system. It feels like a house party but in good surroundings. The vibe is always amazing!

What’s been your favourite party and why?

Wolf + Lamb at Saki bar – 2nd August 2009. We were the second party to book W+L in the UK. A year later they are massive. They came and played for us on a Sunday and did an amazing 4 hour set. Everyone that was there will remember that day for a while.

If money was no object who would you book?

Ricardo Villalobos and ZIP to play the whole weekend!


I can only imagine what tunes they will be playing in a room with only 50 people.

What’s next for Arthouse?

For now we’ll be doing our regular parties in the Deaf Institute Basement. Also might be doing some one-off events in London. We have the right people to work with but are still looking for the perfect venue!

For more information check out or take a look at Arthouse resident DJ Moid’s MySpace and SoundCloud pages.

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    Thank you disconnected for doing this article has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities =)

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